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What technology I use

In the modern area of teaching and coaching, an effective use of technology to aid in decision making and analysis is vital for you as the student to make more sustainable progress.

Force plates


The Dual Motion plates from Swing Catalyst are the unrivaled force plates in the golf industry. Due to their patented combination of pressure and foreces, these provide the most acurate and comprehensive feedback from ground reaction data. With the best in the business video software, these Dual Motion plates yields groundbraking information to which we can build an optimal framework for any player. This is how we better understand what you as a player do, as part of your movement DNA. Your motion optimized.


High speed cameras

2020_S_GigE best.webp

Blackfly Gig e

The Blackfly GigE 04 PoE camera is a high-speed camera that offers 290 fps in combination with high-quality color images.  We use this camera from 4 different angles to make sure we can see everything.

launch monitor

Trackman 4

Trackman is the world’s most used launch monitor by tour pros, coaches and custom fitters and can be used indoors or outdoors. Trackman looks at club head data, and ball data and can be used for putting. With its unique ability to link mobile phones or tablets and use cameras as well, this combination is an awesome coaching tool. Trackman provides over 40 parameters for us to analyse. Making sense of it all is my job!


3d wrist sensor


Designed for players wanting to practice wrist angles and clubface control. The ultimate coaching tool to teach correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. Precise data and feedback after every swing helps you to accelerate the learning process.

Coaching platform


OnForm combines video analysis tools with modern chat messaging so that I can communicate with students and share my knowledge beyond the lesson tee.  Away from the practice tee, I can provide feedback anytime, anywhere.  Because OnForm is "cloud native", they sync every video to the cloud seamlessly, and I'll be able to privately share and communicate with my students, anytime. 

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studio video analysis

Swing catalyst

Swing Catalyst is the #1 golf video analysis software on the market. It’s comprehensive and powerful, praised by coaches and players around the world for its user-friendliness.

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